Got questions? We have answers.

Welcome to StableMaster. We are a team of software developers who also happen to love horses, and these two passions have led to the creation of StableMaster. We hope you enjoy using it. Read on below for answers to many common question and if you don't find what you need drop us a line - we love hearing from poeople.

Getting Started.

Who is StableMaster for?

StableMaster is a cloud hosted software solution that has been designed specifically for equestrian businesses.

If you have horses and need to keep them fed, watered and fit then StableMaster is for you. If you have customers and need to invoice them for goods and services then StableMaster is for you. If you provide lessons and instruction and need to allocate horses, riders and staff to these activities then StableMaster is for you.

If you have staff and want to be able to allocate tasks and track their status then StableMaster is for you. If you want instant access to all your customer, horse and staff data and document then, you guessed it, StableMaster is for you. If you want software that is constantly evolving, that doesn't cost the earth and involves no contract then StableMaster is for you.

StableMaster ships with lots of other great features with no hidden costs and friendly support 24x7. It really is a no-brainer.

How much does StableMaster cost?

At lot less than other software for equestrian business. Our entry package costs just £19 per month and is discounted by 25% for the first year. The entry level package is usually sufficient for medium to large business and, unlike other software products, there are no restrictions on the number of horses and customers you manage. If you find you are using more than your allowance we, with your consent, can bump you up to the next price brand. It's all about flexibility and reliability.

How I can get StableMaster for free?

You can try the full software for 14 days free and we won't take any credit card details. Thereafter, if you are happy with the software, you will need to pick a subscription package. We use straight-forward pricing, there is no contract to sign and you can quit whenever you wish.

How StableMaster works.

What’s special about StableMaster?

Glad you asked. Three things actually. Firstly, StableMaster packs more features than any other equestrian software out there. Secondly, it costs less than any of the similar products available. Thirdly, it's more intuitive, needs zero tech skills to adopt and is always available. Oh, and it looks pretty good too!

What problem does StableMaster solve?

StableMaster solves many problems. Fundamentally, it helps you schedule all the crucial activities around your equestrian business. Set operational tasks for your staff, prioritse and track completion status. Set horse care tasks and assign to ensure no horse is left uncared for. Schedule lessons, assign riders, horses and staff and avoid double-booking or over-allocation. Give staff roles in the system to allow them to manage their own calendars, tasks and activities. Use view filters to focus in on specific customers, horses and staff. Assign horse locations, create custom products and manage credit through the customer wallet.

The possibilities are endless and StableMaster is always evolving.

How does StableMaster differ from other similar apps?

It differs In many ways, but basically its better. For example, StableMaster is hosted on the award winning Amazon Web Service platform, which is a rock-solid bomb proof service meaning your data is safe and always available. We've made it easy for you to adopt StableMaster - send us your exising data and we will load it for you. We are technologists first and horse lovers second - this means our focus is on giving our customers the best experience ever.

We are recruiting

We intend to make StableMaster the best in breed. To do so we need a network of ambassadors who work across their specific territory to promote StableMaster and actively pursue sales. In return you will get generous commissions, free subscription to the software and early input into and access to new features. If you are interested drop us a line.